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Pregnant Hawaii Woman Is Missing, And GASP, They’re Questioning The Boyfriend

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missing pregnant woman


Carly Scott, a 27-year-old woman from Hawaii who is five months pregnant, went missing Monday. She was last seen, officially, on Sunday evening at her sister’s home in Haiku, near Maui.The details only get weirder from there.

Scott’s car, a 1997 Toyota 4Runner, was found torched in Haiku’s rural Peahi area, and according to Maui police, “possible evidence” was found thursday, though they aren’t saying what it is. Her dog was also found in the area, according to a report by Maui News.

Now, obviously it’s way too early to say what happened to Carly, but this story eerily reminds me of the Laci Peterson and/or Melissa Sowder‘s cases, in that Carly’s ex-partner (RED FLAG ALERT) Steven Capobianco was the last person to reportedly see her alive. According to Capobianco, Scott picked him up Sunday night and drove him to Keanae, which is dozens of miles away on Hana Highway, so he could repair his truck. He says that later, when Scott was driving behind him, that he lost sight of her vehicle and assumed she had driven off and gotten home safely:

“I sent her a text that said, `thank you,’ but I figured she was working, that’s why she didn’t get back to me right away. It wasn’t until the cops showed up at my house at 5:30 in the morning the next day that I realized something was wrong.”

Again, and I can’t stress this enough, there is no evidence  that has been released that Capobianco had anything to do with Carly’s disappearance. But, according to Capobianco himself, the cops questioned hi and gave him a lie detector test, which he failed. Now, we all know that lie detectors aren’t the most accurate things, hence not being admissible in court, but my danger senses are tingling here, and I can’t help but suspect the boyfriend. Because if Law and Order: SVU has taught me anything, it’s that “it’s ALWAYS the boyfriend.”  I hope for Carly’s sake I’m wrong and this is some kind of huge mix up.

Capobianco said he and Scott have been broken up for several years but remained friends and “occasionally hooked up.” He said he believes he’s the father of her baby but doesn’t know for sure.