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This 3-Year-Old Genius Will Make You Feel Like A Caveman

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3 year old genius

Alexis Martin in 40 years… (lauren_pressley)

I’m a relatively intelligent person. And by relatively I mean “I can balance my checkbook and do basic math.” So 3-year-old Alexis Martin would probably get bored with me pretty quickly. Why? Because she has an IQ higher than 160 and just became the youngest person in Arizona to be accepted into Mensa, the superhero genius organization for super smarty pants people.

The craziest thing about this story is that Alexis did SO well on the various intelligence tests she was given that doctors couldn’t even calculate her IQ levels exactly. That’s some Einstein-level smart-iness right there (smart-iness is a word, right?).

To give you some perspective, the average IQ score is around 100 and the highest possible rating on the test is 160, which means Alexis basically scored the same as mega geniuses like Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and yes, Albert Einstein, or at least in a similar range. That is pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

Alexis’ parents say that she seemed exceptional from early on, doing things like remembering her bedtime stories verbatim and even teaching herself Spanish off of an iPad. Obviously they were very proud of their daughter’s smarts, but they worry about her fitting in and having friends. Though with her brains, she could probably engineer an army of super friends by the time she’s in middle school.

Seriously though, doctors warned her parents that she will probably never be able to go to a regular school and that kids with her level of intelligence often suffer from high anxiety unless they’re around people who understand them (aka other gifted kids). Honestly, I don’t know if I would want to be super smart if it meant I had to deal with anxiety and social issues, but I hope they figure out a happy medium so Alexis can have the stimulation she needs as well as a normal life.