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Cat Sitter Accused Of Trashing Pet Owner’s House With Excrement

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Gird your loins, this is pretty gross. A family from Buffalo, New York left their home, and cat, in the care of a local teenager. Sounds like a sweet deal for a kid right? Easy money? NOPE, that kid decided to say “screw that noise” and throw a bitch’n house party for all their private school buddies.

Steven Binder and his wife Kristen Segebarth are flabbergasted, and I would be too. This story puts Brian Holloway‘s to shame. They came home to the horrifying site of urine, feces, vomit and booze everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. Not only that but $6,000 in cash and jewelry was missing and basically everything not bolted to the floor was destroyed.

OF course, wanting to right their child’s wrongs, the parents of the catsitter totally gave Binder a fair amount for the…NAH. They basically say “my bad,” blame it on another “friend,” and offer the poor man $90. Yes, $90, as in NINETY BUCKS.

According to the catsitter, a “trusted friend” invited over 50 other teens from various posh private schools from the area. The plot thickens. The grossest part of this story is that not only did Binder find puke, pee, shiz and crap everywhere (I can’t stress that point), but he also found many, many used condoms. YUCK.

Of course, this being the Internet age, it wasn’t long before various videos of the teens trashing the house turned up. Because of course they did. According to news reports, one teen is seen standing over Binder’s daughter Zoey‘s bed, taking a leak and saying “this is for you.” Gross and a little disturbing. According to Binder:

“The destruction to our house is considerable. There was human feces, urine and vomit in numerous locations. Every floor in the house was rifled. There was broken furniture and there were multiple used condoms. It took an industrial strength cleaning to get rid of the odors of urine and vomit, and we keep discovering more. I don’t know that I won’t open a box in my attic at some point and discover more vomit. There was vomit everywhere (emphasis mine).”

Thankfully the police had a pretty long list of partygoer names, though none are being made public at the this time. Now, I’m going to go dry heave in the corner until the nausea goes away.