Boy Narrowly Escapes Death After Being Thrown Onto The Highway

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boy escapes death

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As I said earlier today, nothing is better than a sad story with a happy ending (I’m sensing a theme today). Angel, a 4-year-old boy from California narrowly escaped death Thursday after being thrown more than 20 feet out of a car after his father crashed.

Hi mom Elisa Miranda, and the boy’s dad were traveling along Interstate 5 near Anaheim at 8:15pm when he lost control while trying to avoid something in the road. He then hit a concrete wall, sending Angel flying through the back window. Thankfully Angel managed to land in the only area that was even remotely cushioned, a tiny area of vegetation nearby. According to Officer Troy Christensen:

“[There was] a bed of ice plant there, and anywhere north of that or south of that it’s all concrete.”

Elisa spoke with the news station KTLA:

“I was screaming “Angel, Angel where’s my son? I was scared that my son would be dead…he has a big angel next to him

Amazingly, Angel managed to escape with only minor scrapes and bruises, and probably a healthy fear of flying and possibly driving. He was treated at UC-Irvine MEdical Center and released yesterday with a clean bill of health. That kid needs to play the lottery when he grows up, because boy is he lucky.