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These Pubic Hair Shaving Guides Will Help You Make Cute Little Shapes Down There

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(Belle Maison)

There are innumerable ways for a person to express herself through personal style, but sometimes a person needs a little help. Artistic pubic hair has long been the exclusive province of people who are either skilled with personal grooming tools or who are willing to pay an expert pubic hair groomer. Now, however, even those of us who are both shy and never learned to draw a straight line can have heart-shaped pubic hair thanks to a new series of pubic hair shaving guides from Japan.

According to Rocket News 24, pubic hair grooming is not actually a huge trend in Japan. Surveys indicate that most women go natural. But some women do want to shave their pubic hair, and this new line of pubic hair shaving guides is designed to help those women make cute little shapes without having to tell a professional they want to wear their pubic hair in a little heart shape.

Ravia’s pubic hair shaving guides from Belle Maison are little nylon patterns, and they come in triangle, oval, square-topped “landing strip,” and even a cute little heart. They have grippy fibers on one side, and those fibers stick to pubic hair like Velcro to hold the guide in place. The idea of attaching Velcro to one’s pubic hair might be a bit off-putting, but it’s not actually so sticky that it should cause discomfort when removing it. Then you just shave all the hair around the template, and presto! There’s a perfect little hair heart.

Can we make requests? Because this seems like an excellent opportunity for some naughty-minded entrepreneur to make a killing selling custom pubic hair templates.  A little heart is nice, but just tell me you don’t want the Batman symbol down there.