Enjoy The Unbelievable Navel-Gazing Of This ‘Please Don’t Tell My Daughter She Is Beautiful’ Article

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152406622I love our readers. have I mentioned lately how much I love our readers? Chillimama just emailed me an amazing article to me entitled “Please Don’t tell My Daughter She Is Beautiful” from The Ottawa Citizen. The article starts out saying:

No, I’m dreading Christmas because it means ample opportunity for friends and strangers alike to generously, but unfortunately, exclaim over how adorable my daughter looks in her fancy holiday attire.


So what exactly can we say to her kid? You are an ugly little mouth breather? Is that OK? I guess I can sort of side with this:

The problem is that receiving constant accolades about her physical appearance gives my daughter the impression that her value is predicated on how she looks.

Listen, I’m sorry you are a bad parent and you are unable to raise your daughter to make her understand that looks aren’t everything. I am the mother of a VERY beautiful little girl, actually, I am pretty sure my daughter is prettier than this lady’s kid, but because I have taught her that looks aren’t everything and it’s what’s inside that counts she is doing just fine. This is just so absurd. There are so many WORSE things than having a kid people call “pretty.” If your biggest complaint are the number of people telling you that your child is beautiful than you should probably consider yourself pretty damn lucky.

I’d give you guys a nice long list of all the worst things your kid can be than told they are pretty, but that would prove insulting to any parent who has a child with, you know, REAL problems, like one who is sick.

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