This YouTuber Gets Stoned And Does The Most Amazing Makeup Tutorials

Here’s the thing about edibles: one minute you’re absolutely fine, and the next you’re too high to even remember you have a face. It’s 0-6o in the blink of an eye (if you could remember how to blink, that is). I’m a big fan of them myself. I don’t love smoking weed, and the high you get from a edible is so much different. I heard someone one say that smoking weed makes your mind high, while eating it makes your whole body high. TRUER WORDS, FRIENDS. This thing is, when I have an edible, I cease to function in any meaningful way. I’m not incapacitated by any means. But I can basically sit on the couch and listen to my own body buzz, and das it. So the first time I saw the high makeup tutorials by Brandi Fernandez, needless to say, I was impressed as fuck.

Brandi, if you’re not familiar with her, is a goddamn gem. She eats an edible, and does the most amazing high makeup tutorials I’ve ever seen in my life.

I am not exaggerating. I cried watching this Grinch video. Actual tears! Had I watched this when I was high, I might have died. Because I did that laughing thing where you can’t really catch a deep breath, and when that happens when you’re high, it’s game over. Brandi posts her high makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, Brandi TV. Every single one of them is fantastic.

In the Pennywise tutorial, Brandi made her own edibles. Always a big mistake, take it from me.

In the caption, she says she had no idea how much she should eat. So she eats an entire, regular sized brownie. The video cuts to an hour later, and Brandi says, “Half of that would have been just fine!” She commences to turn herself into a not-half-bad Pennywise, which is impressive! Calls herself Pennywise’s evil sister, QUARTERSMART. I lost my shiiiiiiiit at that very moment. Also she uses a kitchen sponge to apply her makeup, LOL. I love her.

Brandi’s high makeup tutorials are exactly what we all need right now. Just good, clean fun. OK, maybe not clean. But we’re grownups, who the hell has clean fun anymore?

(Image: YouTube/Brandi TV)

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