This Hack for Cleaning Your Beauty Blender Is Getting a Lot of Love on Twitter

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Full disclosure: my makeup routine does not include any fancy gizmos and products. I bought a beauty blender once, and couldn’t figure out how to use it. It also resembled a testicle to me, so I giggled every time I saw it. I ended up giving it to my daughter, who turned it into a squishy (don’t ask). So this beauty blender cleaning hack isn’t exactly life-changing for me, but it’s pretty neat! And it definitely seems like a game-changer for you makeup lovers out there.

Twitter users are sharing the beauty blender cleaning hack, and makeup lovers everywhere rejoiced.

beauty blender cleaning hack

Just put your dirty beauty blender in a cup of soapy water, and zapped it in the microwave. The blender comes out looking so fresh and clean!


Some people had more success than others. This one is hilarious.

I think she microwaved the sponge alone, LOL.

Some makeup fans say regular bar soap works better. So many opinions!



There are rules to using beauty blenders, apparently. I have to say, makeup Twitter is probably one of my most favorite Twitters. I love seeing people share their expertise!

And of course, there’s always this piece of very important advice. Seriously, this is a mistake you’ll only make once.

A quick Google search brings up literally hundreds of DIYs and hacks for cleaning beauty blenders. You guys, this stuff is serious and kind of overwhelming! You can try the microwave trick. Or you can use bar soap. Some people swear by plain old water. And there are even special soaps and shit you can buy. Honestly, it’s no wonder places like Sephora make so much damn money, LOL.

Have you tried the microwave hack? And did it work for you? I kind of want to buy a few beauty blenders and do some experimenting of my own! Not because I use them, but because I really enjoy proving or disproving hacks.

(Image: Twitter / @cakefacedcutie)