Shirt Goes Viral Instantly Because It’s Designed for People Without Human-Sized Heads

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Ordering clothing online is always a bit of a leap of faith. Unless you’ve previously tried on the item, you can never be certain how something is going to fit. However, you can usually be sure that a shirt will, at the very least, fit over your head. So you can imagine the surprise of some women who ordered a shirt from online retailer Pretty Little Thing, only to discover they couldn’t pull the shirt over their heads.

Olivia Skuce, a 21-year-old student at Newcastle University in the UK, ordered a black mesh top from Pretty Little Thing that retailed for about $13. When the shirt arrived, however, Skuce discovered a tiny little flaw…

shirt goes viral

Image: Twitter / @oliviaskuce

I’m dying.

It turns out, Oliva isn’t the only one who’s experienced issues with the shirt.

shirt goes viral

Image: Twitter / @itschloblow

What is even happening here?!

shirt goes viral

Image: Twitter / @HeatherPlatts


shirt goes viral

Image: Twitter / @niamhlockwood_

Her braces!!! LOLLLLL

peek a boo!

Image: Twitter / @kirstylocke_

According to The Berry, Pretty Little Thing contacted Olivia via DM and offered her a refund on the shirt, plus 25% off her next order. They’ve also discontinued the shirt so this won’t happen to anyone else.

Olivia told Metro UK ‘I didn’t expect the tweet to get so much reaction but it’s quite entertaining seeing other people’s replies!”

You know what they say. Misery (and bad fashion experiences) loves company.