Parents Prank Son By Telling Him He Has Ebola, Win Trophy For Worst People In the World

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Horrible ebola prank on sonHalloween is a favorite holiday for most kids, where they get to dress up, play good-natured tricks, and get very much a lot of candy. It has also become a holiday where parents tell their children horrible lies and then video tape their reactions to share with the world on Youtube.

One example of this is those horrible “I told my kids I ate all of their Halloween candy” videos that are shown by Jimmy Kimmel Live. The children are hurt and devastated when their parents tell them that they have selfishly taken their children’s candy away from them, then shocked that it was “just a prank” and then all of the people laugh while they cry. It’s a freaking nightmare. But now a couple of parents have found a way to lower the bar even further by telling their son that he has the Ebola virus as a joke, videotaping his reaction, and then uploading it to the internet for all the world to see.


The original Vine video was posted by someone named Tevyn Demmings and is captioned: “When you lie and tell a bad ass kid they got Ebola #funny #Ebola.” It was subsequently uploaded to YouTube where it has gotten over two million views in a couple of days.


I couldn’t make myself watch the video with the sound on because I have a human heart, so here is the way the Daily Mail describes what happens:

In the brief clip, the mother, seen wearing a mask over her mouth and holding a thermometer, says: ‘Look at his temperature!’ She shows it to the father, who is off-camera, who immediately declares: ‘Oh hell no! He got Ebola!’ At this point, the boy screams in terror and bursts into tears at the news while his younger brother runs off.

Ha! They made their young son think he has a potentially deadly virus! That’s…um…fucking terrible.

Whether it’s posting videos of you humiliating your kids as a punishment, or exploiting your child’s trust and love by telling them some kind of terrible lie, parents need to cut this shit out Immediately. Doing this kind of thing to your kid is wrong even in private, but to then post it on the internet hoping for likes and positive comments at your child’s expense is sickening.

Playing pranks on children doesn’t work because they are children. It’s like offering a puppy a treat, and then when he comes over with his tail wagging, throwing it in the trash and saying, “Ha! Fooled you! Stupid puppy.” It just doesn’t make any sense. You are their parent who they love, trust, and look to for guidance. They don’t have the kind of life experience and understand to make a “prank” funny. What you are doing is telling your child a cruel lie and then laughing at how upset they get. How is that okay?

And let’s not forget that we should be trying to teach our children how to use social media responsibly. How are you going to tell your child later that it’s not okay to post videos that hurt other people when you have gleefully done that yourself? Why would a kid think that it’s not okay to post a video of a kid in school in an embarrassing situation when their own parent did it to them?

Just stop it, people. Stop it stop it stop it.

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