Babies R Us Ignores Anti-Kardashian Petition, Says Long Live Pleather

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kidskardashianToys R Us may have caved to pressure from Internet pearl-clutchers and removed their cool Breaking Bad toys from the shelves, but Babies R Us is staying firm and standing behind their Kardashian Kids clothing line.

Amie Logan from Kansas started a petition to get the Kardashian sisters’ baby clothes yanked from Babies R Us because she thinks they are “damaging” because of their association with the reality TV family.

“I don’t want my child to grow up to be a Sex Tape star,” she wrote. But rather than talking to her daughter about not making sex tapes, or just not buying the baby clothes, Logan started a petition to get the store to stop carrying them. Logan’s petition got more than 2,900 signatures by yesterday, but according to the Daily Mail, Babies R Us is standing behind its leopard onesies.


“We have no plans to stop selling this collection,” a Babies R Us spokesperson said. It’s not a surprising decision, because everything the Kardashians touch turns to piles of hundred dollar bills, and 3,000 angry moms aren’t going to change that.

The signers will undoubtedly be pissed, though, because a lot of them seemed to feel very strongly that the existence of Kardashian-themed clothing in a big-box baby store would taint all other goods by association. One mother even said she was going to stop shopping at the store entirely if they did not stop stocking the Kardashian Kids line.

“Disgusting. I had no clue. I was just looking at starting my baby registry at Babies R Us last night. I am so glad I saw this first,” said a petition signer going by Sam K. “Skanks and babies just do not go together. Babies are innocent, Kim is a Skank, any questions?”

Yes. Are there baby clothes I can buy that will make my daughter understand that it’s not OK to call women skanks? No? Damn, I guess I’ll just have to talk to her about not using words like “skank” and “whore” when she’s older. It’s a shame, because I was really hoping a pack of organic cotton onesies could do my parenting for me.

“Babies don’t need to look like porn stars,” wrote another petitioner going by the name Monique Smith.

Total porn star:



The Kardashian Kids clothing line is designed for newborns through two-year-olds. There are leatherette skirts, some shiny gold lurex pants, the aforementioned leopard print onesies, some pretty cute pea coats, and one drop-waist dress that will make your daughter look like a Samantha doll. Basically, they’re pretty normal kids’ clothes you could find in any store long before the Kardashian sisters started giving birth to babies and children’s fashion lines of their own. But the Kardashian association is enough to make people start throwing around the word “skank” and demanding the clothes be burned in an offering to female purity.

It’s all quite silly, and good for Babies R Us for not caving to the pearl-clutchers. As Meredith pointed out yesterday, at least the Kardashians are making girls’ clothes “without any pink or purple in them.” Leopard onesies may not be your jam, but the navy jackets are a breath of fresh air.