15 April Fools’ Day Pranks to Play If You Kind of Hate Your Kids

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I have never been able to get on board with April Fools because I always feel so bad for the person who is being pranked. Maybe I’m a softie or missing the point altogether, but I cringe with embarrassment whenever I see a YouTube video of someone who is tricked into believing their parents have died or the person who walks around with a silly sign on their back all day long (I EAT BOOGERS).

But now that I have kids, I’m trying to get into the holiday spirit. April Fools’ Day is a holiday. Happy April Fools, everyone! My kids are way too young to understand the art of a well-executed prank, but I’m keeping this list in my back pocket for later. I promise you that these pranks are kid-friendly and (mostly) not cruel in the least.

You can celebrate this holiday as a jovial prankster with 15 awesome tricks that your kids are bound to love. BONUS: If your kids have been driving you mad, you can release some pent-up aggression by playing tricks on them in the spirit of celebration. Everybody wins.

1. Wacky Blue Milk For Breakfast.


2. Frozen Cereal = Priceless Photo Op.


3. Pair #2 With A Refreshing Glass Of Jell-O Juice.


4. How Bout A Fake, Healthy Egg For Breakfast?


5. The Ole Mustard In The Toothpaste Trick.

april26. A Very Literal Pan Of Brownies.

april37. Sweet Grilled Cheese (Made From Pound Cake And Frosting).

april48. Meatloaf And Mashed Potato Layer Cake.

april79. Catch A Dollar (With A Fishing Rod).


10. Hallway Full Of Balloons.

april611. Time To Plant A Doughnut Tree.

april812. The Creepiest Refrigerator Setup Of All Time.


13. The Toilet Paper In The Shoe, You’ve Gotten So Big Trick.


14. Rigged Party Popper On The Door = April Fools’ Heart Attack.


15. Way Too Realistic Fake Roach On The Sandwich Gag.


NOTE: I am morally opposed to #11 and #15 because it makes me sads and mads to think of kids getting their hopes dashed when the doughnut tree never grows and getting scared by a really nasty plastic cockroach, respectively. But prank away, parents, prank away!

(Image: Pinterest, vasylshepella/Shutterstock)