This Adorable Toddler Dancing to ‘Uptown Funk’ Knows Exactly When the Beat’s Going to Drop

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The baby phase is cute, but I think the toddler phase is cuter, because toddlers love to dance. There’s nothing cuter than a kid who has only just learned to walk and is now using those powers to get down with the beat and rock out to their favorite music. For little Maddie, that favorite music includes Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” and she’s heard the song enough to know exactly how to wait for the beat to drop before breaking out her best toddler dance moves.


The one-minute video was uploaded on Saturday by Maddie’s proud uncle, and Maddie has already been viewed more than 3.3 million times. (Maddie’s uncle disabled comments on the video, which is probably a good idea when posting videos of kids to YouTube.) That’s a ton of views very quickly for any video that isn’t a new Disney trailer, but it’s understandable that it’s going viral so quickly, because Maddie’s hysterical dance timing is the cuteness break we all need sometimes.

YouTube is full of toddler dancing videos, but what sets Maddie apart is the adorable way she is clearly waiting, waiting, patiently waiting for the beat to drop, and that’s when she starts swinging her arms and getting down. She really knows how to build dramatic suspense in an audience.

She pauses quietly throughout most of the song, holding up her fingers like, “Wait for it … wait for it …” and then suddenly, just as the music changes, she flings her arms up over her head and starts swinging them in the air.

It’s a shame she was in her car seat when that happened, because I bet that kid has some moves on the dance floor.

She does dance a lot like Bruno Mars, if Bruno Mars were stuck in a car seat, though.

“She knows where the beat is!” laughs a woman in the car, and she’s right. This toddler has much better rhythm and timing than I do.

Dancing toddlers are a gift to the overworked, beleaguered, desk-bound adults of the world. So if you need a break today, get a big cup of coffee and watch Maddie rock out. She’s the cuteness break we all need today.