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The ‘RompHim’ Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

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Any woman or child who has worn a romper can tell you that they are an adorable but entirely impractical clothing trend that we’ve been squeezing ourselves into for years. Are they stylish? Yes. Do you have to practically get naked to use the bathroom when you wear one? Yes. But fashion requires a level of sacrifice that most women are conditioned to expect (cough high heels cough). You know who is NOT used to ridiculous fashion trends? Men. So the romper for men, also known by the RompHim, is just absurd.

Yet, somehow, a kickstarter for this insane thing has already raised almost $70,000.

The startup behind the RompHim (God how it pains me to type that word), ACED Design, explained their idea on their Kickstarter page.

you were drinking? shocking.

Image:  Kickstarter

Hold the phone: you were drinking when you came up with this idea? Color me stunned.

Because GOD FORBID women have something that men don’t.

The ACED Design team says they have spent countless hours designing the RompHim. They claim it will “turn heads, break hearts, and be your favorite summer outfit.” GTFO with that. Look at this thing.

Have you ever seen a more punchable group of bros? I’m the living embodiment of the Arthur meme right now.


The RompHim comes with a front pocket, adjustable waist, deep front pockets, and in the most bullshit move ever, a zipper fly. Nuh uh. If you are going to take the romper from us, you should have to take the whole damn thing off to use the bathroom just like the rest of us.

In its initial run, the RompHim will come in three colors: red chambray, blue chambray, and splatter print cotton. They’ll also have a limited edition Fourth of July print for early backers of the kickstarter. Our forefathers died so Americans could celebrate our independence in a fucking romper.

Can you imagine bringing the guy on the left home to meet your parents in that?

Please don’t let the RompHim become a thing.

(Image: Kickstarter)