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19 Kids And Counting: Meet Anna’s Sister Priscilla And Her Crazy Eyes

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Oh my God, you guys. Last night’s episode was so amazing for our purposes and I am overcome with joy. So many incredible little tidbits we can laugh at and some hard Duggar truths learned at the very end. Buckle up tight in your 20-year old RV, it’s going to be a wild ride on this week’s recap of 19 Kids and Counting!

First of all, let’s get our prayer circle or intentions or whatever going on so we send out “Not Pregnant Annavibes into the universe. We don’t find out until the very end of the episode so just stay strong with me here. Lean on Denim Jesus if you need to, I won’t judge.

Opening scene, and of course, Anna looks adorable. Her and Josh (aka, The Paunch- or, as fantastic Mommyish reader Spongeworthy says, “a loaf of Wonderbread left out in the rain”) have arrived in Chicago on schedule to attend her sister Priscilla Waller’s gender reveal party (gag). Now, here is the meat of this entire episode. PRISCILLA. I spent a lot of the episode just sort of stunned at the level of Crazy Eyes going on. She makes Michelle Duggar look positively lucid and normal in her level of enthusiasm about life. She’s like a programmed fundie fembot, ready to agree with everything her husband and The Lord tell her to do. It was oddly fascinating to witness, not gonna lie.

At this point, I am wondering why they are even having a gender reveal party. I mean, besides the fact that they are dumb and gift grabby, these people operate on the notion that every baby is from The Lord and loved and wanted. So, why does the gender matter enough to throw a parade when they find out? Anywho, as mentioned last week, every guest is to arrive dressed in the color of what “team” they are on. Anna is in pink along with her daughter and of course, Paunch is in blue.

We cut to Priscilla gushing about the wonder that is this gender reveal party and how they were going to find out on their own, but David (her incredibly creepy husband) wanted to wait and find out at the party. What her spiritual leader says goes, I suppose.

Priscilla’s favorite word is “YASSSSSSS!” She says it all.the.freaking.time. I am guessing it’s just to keep her in the proper mode as Biblical wife, being pliant and servile and all. Basically, her husband speaks and she says “YAASSSSSS”. Lord, help me. I can barely tolerate it.

We cut to some quick fundamentalist Christian home-schooling biology where Paunch informs us that it will be “either a boy or a girl”. Thanks, Josh. I thought it could possibly be a Stormtrooper or a Furby. I’m glad we got that cleared up.

The magical box of balloons decorated with a terrifying caricature of David and Priscilla is opened and, ZOMG IT’S A GIRRLLL! Which I already knew because the Waller’s suck at social media and had already revealed the gender on Twitter (yes, I follow them. For research). The baby’s name is Davia, by the way. After the family’s spiritual leader himself.

We are treated to a quick clip reel of Anna and Josh’s gender reveals and holy shit, when were Anna’s teeth fixed? I think she wins my vote for favorite TLC-sanctioned Duggar make-over. The difference between six years ago and now is positively striking. Good for her- she looks hot now. The scene ends with Priscilla absolutely thrillllllled that it’s a girl and she gets to go shopping. I can’t really blame her for being SO excited. I guess this is kind of like her high school and college graduation plus, being hired at her first job all at once. The only big milestones these girls get in life are their babies- no wonder they party down.

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