Twitter Roasted Trump’s Lawyer After He Tweeted a Picture of His Daughter Wearing Lingerie

I like to think my dad is pretty proud of me. He doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, but he tells his neighbors about how I write words on the internet and, “somehow, people read ’em!” I’m certain he’d still be proud of me if I were a model, but would be show the neighbors pictures of me wearing lingerie? Probably not, because that would be icky. And yet, there are some dads out there who don’t seem bothered by showing the world images of their nearly naked daughters. Case in point: President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

On Mother’s Day, Cohen sent out a tweet to his 220,000 Twitter followers:

Image: Twitter / @michaelcohen212

That’s uh…I mean…well…she’s very pretty.

Listen, I think it’s great that he’s proud of his daughter. I think I personally would have gone the “photo of her holding her Ivy League diploma” route, but maybe he didn’t have one readily available.

Twitter, however, reacted…poorly. More than three thousand people responded to the tweet, with many people calling it weird and creepy.

ew creepy
Image: Twitter / @amandahilden
mr creepypants
Image: Twitter / @annanotherthng

Cohen himself even responded to two of the tweets, and he didn’t exactly make things better.

jealous ew
Image: Twitter / @michaelcohen212

That’s a weird response. Probably weirder than the original tweet, honestly.

you h8r
Image: Twitter / @michaelcohen212

Yeah, we get that it’s a modeling photo, but a) it’s still weird that you tweeted it and b) Edie Sedgwick is rolling in her grave rn.

If I could offer Michael Cohen some advice, it would be to keep on tweeting your pride in your daughter. It’s great! But maybe don’t include photos of her wearing practically nothing. It’s odd and makes people uncomfortable, and you’re not exactly associated with people who have a reputation for respecting women. Seriously, get a photo of her holding her diploma, or wearing and Ivy League sweatshirt, or something where we’re not all going to be nauseated for an hour after we look at it.

(Image: Twitter / @michaelcohen212)

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