Dad Open Carries In Kid’s School, Because Second Amendment Trumps Kids’ Safety

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gun-on-hipA Michigan father recently wore his handgun on his hip into his child’s school. Parents were concerned — as they should be. Why the hell would you need to carry a gun to your kid’s school? The school says it is trying to find a way to respect the parent’s Second Amendment rights while keeping the children at school safe — and plan on discussing how to do this moving forward at a district meeting on Monday. In the meantime, a spokesman for the school says they will put the school on lockdown every time some idiot insists on open carrying on school grounds. What a colossal waste of time and resources. How about just, “no.” You cannot bring your gun on to school property. Period.

It’s not against the law to open carry in Michigan: “Michigan law allows for a gun on school grounds if the owner has a concealed pistol license, but requires the gun to be openly displayed.” But teachers and parents are understandably upset about seeing guns on school property, because everyone knows that the presence of a gun does not statistically make you safer. Also, they don’t want people carrying guns around their kids.

From WXYZ:

“What we would do is we would apply our emergency procedures in the instance that someone chooses to open carry,” said Kim Root, Director Of Community Relations for Huron Valley Schools. “For example whenever someone chooses to open carry on school grounds, we would apply our emergency procedures which would include going on lockdown.”

Emergency procedures also include calling 911 and having an officer approval the entry of the individual with the firearm.

An owner of a local gun shop tried explaining to the news station why it was actually safer for him to open carry than to conceal carry:

“I get that he’s exercising his right, and that is the law when it comes to open carry,” said Ed Swadish, owner of Huron Valley Guns. Swadish says while he understands parents’ concerns, open carry in this situation may actually be the safer option.

“If he was conceal carrying, and that’s not allowed, he would have to unholster his gun in the parking lot,” said Swadish. “And it may not be the safest option to leave his firearm in the car.”

Those are not the only two options. The other one is — don’t carry your damn gun. Leave it at home. Locked. In a safe.

Do you love guns? Do you think the Second Amendment exists so you can carry one on your hip 24/7?  Fine. Do that. Just not around other people’s children. You don’t get to decide when an appropriate time for other people’s children to be exposed to “open carry” at school is — they do. If parents and teachers are concerned, the district should respect that.

I don’t know the parents in my child’s school from Adam. I don’t know if they are stable, if they are having problems at home, if it’s safe for my kids to be around them when they have a loaded gun on their hip. And I don’t care if they’ve interpreted the Second Amendment to mean that they should be allowed to carry a loaded gun willy-nilly on their person wherever they go. If I lived in a state where open carry was legal, I would have a huge problem with this, too.

“I hope you guy rethink your lockdown policy,” said Rob Harris, gun rights supporter. “It’s really going to scare those kids if they are hiding under their desks every single day.” So don’t bring the gun and force that action, idiot.

(photo: WXYZ)