See Hide and Seek From a Toddler’s Point of View With This Baby-Mounted GoPro

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As parents we probably spend a lot of time trying to imagine what the world is like for our kids, but as adults we are generally stuck in our own, adult perspective. It’s tough to remember what the world was like when we were three or four feet closer to the ground, but these parents managed to capture a toddler’s perspective by strapping a GoPro to their toddler before a game of hide-and-seek, and the results are adorable.

The parents put the GoPro on their toddler and then hid, and they were able to watch his progress on their phones from their hiding place. It was so cute they almost gave themselves away laughing, because you can really see the toddler thought process as he stands in the hallways and considers the various rooms his parents could have gone in, or where they could possibly be hiding.

It’s pretty cool to see the first places he looks, too. Judging by his path, it seems like he’s the type to usually choose the “hide behind the door” option when it’s his turn to hide, because that’s always the first place he looks.

The toddler angle is a bit disconcerting, though. It seems like the camerawork from a horror movie, and I was expecting something to come leaping out at any minute.

I’d forgotten what it was like to see the world from three feet off the ground. This makes me want to get a GoPro and strap it to my baby to see what I look like from her perspective.