Bullied Girl Scout Proves Selling a Kabillion Effing Cookies Is the Best Revenge


If you are a grown adult who finds yourself mocking a small child to her face, you should really reconsider most of the life choices that led to that point. None of us sets out to become the villain from an 80s movie, so a lot has to go wrong before a grown adult stands in front of a little girl and insults her to her face, but that happened recently to a 9-year-old Girl Scout named Stormi, who was selling cookies door-to-door when some grumpy old man told her, “Nobody wants to buy cookies from a boy in a dress.”

”It made me sad,” Stormi told BuzzFeed News. ”Because I’m a girl.”

Stormi has been living with her foster mother, Kim, for three years, and she joined the Girl Scouts last fall not long after a Colorado troop was the center of a major backlash for allowing a trans girl like Stormi into the troop, but Kim says she and Stormi had no such issues until that mean old coot opened his door and his hateful old mouth. That was a devastating experience for Stormi, who stopped selling and went home and cried, until she and Kim talked and Stormi decided she wasn’t going to let that guy stop her.

Kim mentioned Stormi’s experience on a site for parents of transgender kids, and sales on Stormi’s digital cookie-selling page went through the roof.  She’s sold more than 3,000 boxes of cookies and had orders from as far away as Australia. That’s really impressive. I sold cookies for four years and never managed to sell more than 100 boxes.

It looks like that mean, transphobic old coot was wrong on multiple counts. Not only is Stormi a girl, but a whole lot of people want to buy Girl Scout cookies from her.

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