The 11 Types Of Friends Every Mom Needs

Types Of Friends Moms NeedLet’s face it, motherhood is hard. With all the focus being on our children, it is sometimes difficult for us to take care of our own needs. We no longer have the time to invest in all of the things that we used to. We can also feel isolated. As our children get older, they are making friends. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have our own relationships as well. In fact, mommy friendships are crucial. Often times they will serve as your lifeline. Sometimes even before your own partner. And that is why I am thankful for each and every one of them. I love the fact that I have friends that have qualities (and quirks) that are all their own. And that each friendship benefits me in such a unique and special way. As we get older, we are lucky to have a few really great friends. But, on any given day, we can look forward to the possibly of perhaps meeting our new ”bestie.” In honor of all the wonderful women in my life, I present a list of the 11 Types of Friends Every Mom Needs to Have:

The Listener

This one goes without saying. You can vent, vent and vent some more. And she hears you. And never judges. She even puts up with your nonsense rambling and annoying texts at 2 A.M. This woman has the patience of a saint.   She cares and is always there for you. And for that, you are forever grateful.

The Funny/Sarcastic One

Every mom needs one of these. With motherhood, there are inevitably going to be many tears and lots of frustration. The funny friend knows how to lift you up when you are down. Because, well, she is funny. Her one liners are always epic.  She can take you from hysterical tears to uncontrollable laughter faster than you can blink. She can even help you to laugh at yourself. She has a gift. And, with it, she has the amazing ability to heal whatever is ailing you.

The Complimenter

This type of friend is wonderful for an ego boost. When picking up your kids from school, she is the one that marvels about all the weight you lost. Even though you just gained ten pounds. She also notices how put together you look. Even though you haven’t showered in five days. Full of shit? Or just extremely positive?  It really doesn’t matter. Because, very suddenly, you are a thousand shades of awesome.

The One That Talks You Off the Ledge

It is five PM on a Wednesday and you are about to lose your mind. The house is in shambles. The kids are beating the shit out of each other. Nobody is listening. And you have the worst migraine ever. In fact, you are almost positive that you are dying. This friend assures you all will be okay and that ”this too shall pass.” And that you are doing a wonderful job as a mom. That all will be better tomorrow and to just chill the hell out. Within minutes, you feel a lot better. And are able to smile through your tears. You can now happily get back to burning dinner.

The One that is Always Good for a Drink

Sometimes we just need to get the hell out of the house. This friend understands completely. She can’t wait to escape from prison as well. Before you can say, ”Where to?” she is sitting at the bar waiting for you, cocktail in hand.

The Crafty One

Your son wants Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes for his party. You can barely bake a cupcake, let alone design any with those creepy characters.  Your crafty friend knows how as she can create anything. She is the one with all of the talent. You bribe her with wine and free babysitting. In exchange, she produce the most beautiful and tasty cupcakes ever.

The Zen One

You have no idea what drug this chick is taking. But you want some. You assume that she was raised on a commune with a bunch of hippies. This woman is so relaxed and chill that it hurts. Every time she is around you, it has the most beautiful calming effect. Even her voice is mellow. She is awesome.

The Motivator

Nope, you don’t want to get out of bed today. It’s just not happening. That is, until you realize that you have three kids to take care of. This friend is your cheerleader. She urges you to change your yoga pants for the first time in eight days. She tells you to put a little lip gloss on. Because it is a beautiful day. And we are going for a brisk walk in the sunshine. And then run ten miles. She is so convincing, that you agree. As long as she brings the cupcakes and wine.

The One With No Kids

Sometimes it is just fun to see how” the other half lives.” I have a couple of unmarried friends who are great. I laugh as they tell me stories about men and dating in the big city. For me, that life seems like ages ago. It is nice to go out every once in awhile and not have to converse about dirty diapers and the perils of breastfeeding.

The One With Whom You Share a Common Interest

You may love to run. Or write. Or even knit. This friend shares the same passion for your favorite hobby. You can get together, unwind, and do what you love. You can even drink a little wine. Another great perk of having this type of friend is that it can lead into a group or club. The more the merrier. Thus the potential to meet more friends.

Your Sister From Another Mister

The both of you may swear that you were separated at birth.  You have the same fears, interests and may even share an eerily similar brand of crazy. You may even be starting to look alike. This friend is wonderful to have as she understands you. Because she is a similar brand of crazy. You don’t have to be embarrassed to confide in her. You have her trust and she has yours. And that is all you need.

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