Reality TV Star Kerry Katona Faces Backlash After Toddler Cuts Her Own Hair

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Every day, somewhere in the world, a toddler gets hold of a pair of scissors and cuts their own hair. They’re not supposed to, and scissors are dangerous and supposed to be put away, but still this happens. Now U.K. singer, reality TV star, and mother of five Kerry Katona is catching heat from the Internet after her toddler daughter gave herself a haircut.

Katrona posted a photo of her little girl’s haircut to Instagram, and it was adorable. The little girl looks very proud of her haircut.

Just look how pleased she is!

Now, of course toddlers aren’t supposed to have access to scissors. Katrona has five kids. She knows that. But shit happens. Hell, with five kids, I’m amazed they haven’t all given themselves and the dog a haircut by now. Shit especially happens with toddlers, because they’re mischievous and they get into stuff, and they grow so fast that something you didn’t think they could do yesterday, they suddenly know how to do today. (True story: I just discovered my toddler can open the front door of my house and leave. Good to know!)

The commenters on Katona’s Instagram were very displeased by the toddler’s haircut, though.

“Oh dear! Just as well she didn’t cut her skin otherwise it could’ve been a hospital trip…” one wrote.

Others chimed in to tell Katona–who has five children–that toddlers should not be allowed to play with scissors.

“Always keep scissors away from kids!” they said, very helpfully.

She’s not the first toddler to cut her own hair, and she won’t be the last.

Katona wound up re-posting the photo to address all the commenters saying, “That’s dangerous! What if something had happened!”

“No body was hurt during dj hairdressing disaster!!! So slagging me off by saying “what if” don’t you all think I know this!!” she wrote. “Dj isn’t the first toddler in the world to of done this and nor will be the last!”

Fortunately, a lot of Katona’s followers have been in the exact same situation, and they were all ready in the comments to share their own tales of toddler hair disasters.

“Lol bless her, my daughter did this and we hid our scissors but she went through our bedroom one night, I was horrified to find she had cut her entire fringe off, and that was only a month before her dad’s wedding… Luckily its grown back now,” one wrote.

A hairdresser commented that parents constantly call in a panic saying, “Help! My child cut her hair!”

One of my high school friends got a very weird haircut once. It turns out he fell asleep and his younger siblings cut his hair for fun.

Kids should not be around scissors, but kids are constantly getting into things they shouldn’t. Fortunately, she did not get hurt, and Katona’s little girl just wound up with a really cute haircut.

(Image: Instagram / KellyKatona7)