Most Mommyish Readers Only Take Their Daughters To Salons For ‘Special Occasions’

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girl pink bathroom make up

Last week when we reported on the availability of bikini waxes for 11 year old girls and manicures for toddlers, we asked Mommyish readers about their mother/daughter salon or spa practices. And as it turns, most of our mommies aren’t taking their girls for regular trips to the manicurist.

About half of our readership (42.2%) never takes their little girls to get hair treatments or mani/peds, and a slightly larger portion (42.5%) takes their kids on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, or big social functions.

mommyish poll results daughter salonBut don’t feel underrepresented those of you who are taking your daughter for a monthly mommy/daughter facials — about 12% of you do regularly take your mini-me to the salon for a variety of services. While this data in no way comes close to aligning our readers with the mothers who are scheduling chemical hair straightening appointments for their 7-year-old, it’s still worth noting that nearly 60% of our mommies do take their girls to salons in some capacity – fancy bar mitzvah or not.

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