‘Classless’ Teen Mom Silences Breastfeeding Critics With The Most Rational Argument

I will start by laying all of my cards on the table. I am a grown adult, and I am also a big fan of the Teen Mom franchises. I’ve watched Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant religiously because I have very low television standards.

Needless to say, I am well-versed in the life and times of Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry. I was well aware that she had gotten married, gotten pregnant for a second time with her new husband, and given birth to a baby boy named Lincoln Marshall (awwwww).

The stars of Teen Mom have certainly done some idiotic things, which is what makes the show so damn interesting. Kailyn probably falls in the middle of the group due to her emotional outbursts and endless personal drama. We’ve all been there before. I also can’t imagine how she deals with the mass criticism she receives with every new parenting decision she makes.

Yes, even the most innocent and arguably beautiful parenting act is subject to criticism. I’m talking about breastfeeding. 21-year-old Lowry received recent backlash after uploading two Instagram images for her 840,000 plus followers. The images were simple enough, depicting Lowry breastfeeding her new baby in a very modest pose.


Oddly enough, her followers revolted with comments like:

“What’s with all the boob pics?! We get it, you breastfeed! Geesh! Have some class woman.”

Class? Class?! I think classless would be some of the pictures I have seen on the People of Walmart website of multitasking mamas attempting to breastfeed while they shop:


Though the picture above is totally WTF hilarious, it’s still that woman’s right to feed her kid however she pleases, even in the frozen foods section of Walmart. The Walmart woman is even unintentionally covering her child’s head””take that, critics.

In comparison, Lowry’s breastfeeding pictures are absolutely beautiful. She’s hardly showing a hint of skin in either pic, and even if she was, it’s her right to post a shot of her feeding her child to her Instagram account. These aren’t “boob pics” by any stretch of the imagination.

Lowry had a straightforward response for her critics that makes the most sense in the Great Breastfeeding Debate:

“Oh, but then do you cover YOUR face while you’re eating though.”

Teen moms get enough criticism as it is. Can’t someone give her a pat on the back for breastfeeding her kid?

(Image: Instagram)

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