Parents Catch Sexual Predator Having Sex With Teenage Daughter, Put Him In A Headlock Until Police Arrive

logo_moco-alpha-new2In Houston, parents thought their 15-year-old daughter was in her bedroom watching movies on her laptop. When the mom went in her daughter’s room to check on her before bed, she was shocked to find a 21-year-old man having sex with her daughter, so she called her husband in the room to help her detain him. And the predator is lucky they didn’t castrate him. From

”I told him, you know what I can do to you? I can get my gun and shoot you and nobody’s going to say anything to me because you are in my house,” explained the mother.
While she didn’t hurt him, she wasn’t going to let him sneak back out.

”I was screaming to everyone, come and help because there’s someone in the house,” she added.
The girl’s stepfather went to find out what all the commotion was about. While he was angry, he said his gut told him to detain the guy until police arrived.
”[I put him in a] headlock and almost got him to the point of passing out. I told him, you don’t want it to get any worse, chill and just wait until the cops get here,” said the stepfather.

According to reports, the girl met the man on the social gaming website Mocospace, and the description for the app reads:

MocoSpace Web SiteChat, Friends, Games – MocoSpace Flirting & Fun for any Sex Support

Researching Mocospace, you can find out the gaming website is not only “fun for flirting” but also for sexual assault. A 12-year-old was sexually assaulted by a 20-year-old after they began chatting on the website. Mocospace can be accessed using a smartphone or computer.

Mocospace says that no one under the age of 18 can have a membership, and yet they also include safety tips for “parents and educators.” What sort of 18-year-old needs to ask their parent for safety guidelines for using a gaming website? This alone is pretty much proof that Moccospace is aware that kids under the age of 18 are using the website.

Nosing around the forums on Mocospace, which I so can’t show you guys here, made my skin crawl. Numerous requests for “sexy” photographs, images of girls (And yeah, unless they are all super young looking 25-year-olds, they are girls) requesting “take my virginity”, racist and homophobic hate-rants and lots of other shit that almost makes me think Mocospace is some pretend website used to lure sexual predators, because I can’t believe this website is legal or not more closely monitored or something. Plus, you can log-in with a Facebook account, and yeah, lots of the under-18 set has Facebook.

I don’t know much about this website other than the news stories I have read about sexual attacks that stemmed from there, and from looking over the forums for a few minutes, where I found this gem:

xjorgiebabyx 7/20/12

no nasty comments please! my little sister is 14 and she told me a few days ago tht shes pregnant and wants to abort it in a few days bt my family n i are against abortions so i was wondering do i tel my mum n ruin my sisters life or let her do it n go against my belifes by letting her do it?

So all you Mocospace fans out there, sorry if this is some amazingly great website but just from what I’ve seen, it’s not for me, and definitely not for kids. It’s extremely popular, but I have never heard of it. Mocospace claims 22 million registered users and one billion monthly page views, placing it among the very largest  mobile social communities.


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