Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Have More Nannies On Vacation With Them Than I Have Of Anything

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angelina and kids 270911Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have more nannies on holiday with them than I have of anything. 12. Okay, I lie, I actually have 12 cans of Diet Coke in my garage, and when it’s cold I refer to my garage as “my second refrigerator” so I’m kinda almost exactly as fancy as Brad and Angelina, because I’m pretty sure they also have a second refrigerator. But they probably don’t also park their cars in their second refrigerator. So yeah, I am not fancy like Brad and Angie, at all.

(#humblebrag, I also have a carton of eggs in my first refrigerator, but not the second refrigerator, because I do not keep food in my garage. Unless you count the dog food. Or the Ziploc Baggie half-full with Goldfish crackers my kid dumped out of their backpack and I have yet to throw out. I just keep walking by it.)

Angie and Brad and their six children are on a family vacation in Turks and Caicos. At the home of Donna Karan. Donna is not there, but the Jolie-Pitt family is and they are having a much better time than any of us are having. Most of us are spending the holidays cleaning cat barf off the floor, and not just any cat barf, but the extra festive kind of cat barf with a piece of tinsel in it because the cat just had to eat a piece of tinsel.

(#petownerprotip: You should not put tinsel on your tree if you have a cat)

From The Daily Mail:

The mulitimillion dollar home in elite Parrot Cay is on a white sand beach, and reportedly includes an infinity pool lined with black volcanic stone.

It also features 360-degree views, African and Asian art, an open-air screening room for watching movies and a dining pavilion that was created in Bali.

But it seems the family may not be taking care of Maddox, Shiloh, Knox, Vivienne, Pax and Zahara alone.

Architectural Digest editor-at-large Jeffrey Slonim posted on his blog: ‘At lunch on a small island three away from Parrot Cay,

‘A woman said she’d heard from a local that [Pitt and Jolie] were in town with two nannies per child. Count ’em, 12 nannies!’

But their youngsters had better not get to comfortable on the island, as reports have said the power couple are taking their kids around the world for the holidays.

“Open-air screening room.” During the summer we borrowed a projector and dragged some lawn chairs and a cooler outside and enjoyed a movie projected on the side of my second refrigerator, and if that’s what they mean by “open-air screening room” I had that too! But mine was only temporary and the mosquitos were pretty bad that night and my neighbors dog was barking throughout the entire movie and one of my kids ate all the Milk Duds so I didn’t get any.

I know this a difficult decision, but now that you have heard about my 12 eggs and my fancy temporary open-screening room, I think when picking who is the luckier mom, me or Angie, it’s a very tough call to make.

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