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#Babysuiting Is The Hot New Adorable Thing So Grab A Suit, Tie And Baby

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Babysuiting Babies In Suits This is so funny you guys. Mastermind mom Ilana Wiles behind the #babymugging craze has now started #babysuiting, where you grab yourself a baby and some business wear and add the two together for some hilarious photo ops. Check it:






Don’t you just love it? Llana offers these awesome instructions about how you can make yourself your own DIY Mini-executive:



1) Grab a button down shirt, suit jacket and tie. Put the shirt inside the jacket, the tie around the collar and lie it on the floor.

2) Grab your baby (I recommend an immobile one) and lie him/her in the suit.

3) Whisper sweet nothings as you fasten the buttons, tie the tie, and carefully arrange the jacket. (It’s like a swaddle!)

4) Stand up, take a photo (torso up) and post it on the Mommy Shorts facebook page or tag @mommyshorts and #BabySuiting on Instagram.

Babies can be so boring, it’s about time they started eating their keep by posing in adorable ways that make them look like they are victims of some sort of shrunk head voodoo spell. Since I don’t have  a baby of my own, I demand you guys bring me one of yours. Or else I guess I could do this with my dog but my husband would probably kills me for putting the dog anywhere near one of his suits.

(Images: Mommyshorts)