18 Dads Who Hilariously Summed Up Fatherhood In A Single Tweet

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Image: iStock / monkeybusinessimages

You don’t have to be a dad to know that fatherhood can be complicated. Like, so-complicated-you-feel-like-you-are-in-a-cyclone. If you’re a mom, you likely have some idea what your male counterpart feels about this crazy thing called parenting. But, there are unique experiences about being a mom. Similarly, there are things moms can learn about being a dad. These funny dad tweets sum up what it is like to be papa.

These dads managed to condense the essence of being a father down to 280 characters — and sometimes 140 characters or less, if they prefer to play by the old Twitter rules. The funny dad tweets distill everything between the endless diaper changes, the river of tears, and the random homework questions down to the nitty-gritty. Spoiler alert: Sometimes, the finished tweets are actually hilarious. Prepare to chuckle at these dad tweets. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a papa, mama, or childless, you can see how crazy parenting can be.

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