10 Ways Parenthood Is Like Pledging A Sorority

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I pledged a sorority in college but did not finish before becoming a member. Those weeks were easily the toughest in my life up until that point (hence, quitting) and I never thought anything could compare to how difficult it was. That is, until I had my first child. It was only then that I realized how much pledging a sorority is like parenthood. The parallels are truly astounding.

1. Forced Crafts



In a sorority, you use enough puffy paint to choke a mule. As a parent, crafting is a big part of the job. I mean, the crafts are never good but you do them anyway.

2. You’re Always On Edge

nervous gretch


While pledging, you never know what’s coming up next and your nerves are shot after a few weeks. Much like parenthood. Will the baby sleep a couple of hours before waking to torture us again? Who knows. Sweet agony.

3. You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

tired regina


I never slept while pledging. What time I didn’t spend doing the sorority thing was spent doing schoolwork and attempting to remain relatively showered. Sleep was low on the priority list. Sleep and parenting? Do I even need to explain?

4. Degradation All Day Long

janis ian


Oh, the dumb things I did in hopes of becoming a full-fledged member of the sorority. Nothing was sacred. And just the other day, I let someone barf into my hands so I know a thing or two about dignity and being treated with respect.

5. You Don’t Eat Enough

cheese frie


Pledging and schoolwork keeps a sorority hopeful so busy they barely have time to eat. And as the parent of a small child, you may find yourself calling four bites of congealed mac and cheese and a sad, chewed-up banana your dinner.

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