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10 Ways to Raise a Compassionate Child

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My oldest is the kind of kid who cries for hours after seeing a Lost Dog sign. She begs me to drive around, looking for the lost dog. And if we don’t find it, she is crushed. Crushed! And it’s not even our dog! She’s been like that her whole life, and it’s one of my most favorite aspects of her personality. She’s just a kind, compassionate kiddo. And while most of it is innate, I do my best to nurture that compassion and help it grow. Raising compassionate children is so important, especially given the state of the country today. Teaching our kids kindness, acceptance, empathy, and just to be a good person means that the next generation will (hopefully) do better.

Raising compassionate children starts with, you guessed it, compassionate parents.

1. Setting a good example for your kids is one of the best ways you can raise them to be compassionate.

raising compassionate children

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One of the most effective ways to raise compassionate children is by showing compassion to others. Did the Starbucks barista mess up your order? How did you react? Did you belittle the employee, or rant about how annoyed or angry you were? Or did you accept that people make mistakes, and acknowledge that it’s OK? How you react, especially in front of your kids, will teach them how to react. 

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