Reddit Dad Takes Amazing Snaps Of His Kids For Halloween And Wins Everything

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Welp, I can pretty much guarantee the only pictures I will have of my own kids this Halloween won’t be nearly as amazing as what Reddit user SpamDog_of_War has done. Check out these adorable pictures he snapped of his kids for the holiday. Halloween is over everyone, this dad won Halloween everyone can go home now!









My own kids will probably be in wet costumes in front of our wet pumpkins considering it is  all ready pouring out.

It’s so weird to think this is what passes for holiday pictures of your kids now. I can remember growing up and I think a lot of the photos we had were Polaroids, which I’m sure was this crazy new-fangled miracle invention at the time. Our own kid’s kids will probably have 3-d images of their kids that move and talk and rotate, and not as in videos, like on their mantles and coffee tables. And I will be dead by then!

What an amazing dad for creating this for his kids. I love when parents get all wacky and ambitious like this and try to create something super magical for their kids. I hope they appreciate it. All my kids are getting is some non-photoshopped snaps of them eating fun size candy bars.

(Images: REDDIT)