4 of the Best (Free!) Pregnancy Apps You Need to Try

Let me guess: you’ve got that plus sign or those two red lines! While you likely have a mix of feelings, the strongest is probably excitement. New pregnancies often set off an emotional roller-coaster, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Especially for first time parents! As with anything, feelings are easier to process when you have the information and a network of support to assist you throughout your journey.

When I found myself newly pregnant a little less than two years ago, I had lots of questions but no one to ask them. So I did what many do in the era of technology – I got online. The internet, and apps in particular, can provide us with lots of valid sources of information. They can help answer questions concerning every part of pregnancy, from trying to conceive to postpartum, and parenting techniques.

During my pregnancy, there were a few apps that exceptionally helpful. If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a ton of money to spend on phone apps (especially when you are preparing for a new baby).

Well, guess what? This list only includes free pregnancy apps!

1. BabyBump Pregnancy (A must for first time parents!)

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Image: BabyBump App

BabyBump Pregnancy was my lifeline both while trying to conceive and during pregnancy. It’s more than an application; it’s a community. This app has forums and topics that include tips on the best herbs and medicines to increase fertility, all the way to secrets of cloth diapering.

Members of this app are worldwide, so you never have to worry about feeling alone. After I received my positive pregnancy test, I joined a group of moms who were due around the same time. We communicated during our pregnancies and continue to share info to this day.

Want it? You can get it on Google Play and iTunes

2. Ovia Pregnancy

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Image: Ovia Pregnancy

Ovia Health Pregnancy app is super awesome. They sent quick tips about what I should eat and how I should manage my exercise during pregnancy each morning. They have lots of information sources – articles, forums, and newsletters. I enjoyed the personalized newsletter, but the best part of this app has to be the hand print comparison feature. It compares the size of your baby’s hand to the size it’ll be at delivery.

If you get a chance to download any apps by Ovia Health, look me up! I write for the app regularly.

Want it? You can get it on Google Play and iTunes

3. Glow Nurture

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Image: Glow Nurture

Glow provides functions that are very similar to Ovia Health, but with a slightly different interface. One of my favorite parts of Glow is the 3D baby development tracker, which is different from the traditional, ‘here’s a baby, there’s some fruit’ comparison.

Not sure if it is a feature that is specific to Glow applications, but this app also makes it easy to involve your partner in your pregnancy. It emails them a copy of everything that is being updated and sent to your app. Such a great feature for first time parents!

Want it? You can get it on Google Play and iTunes

4. Pregnancy & Baby Baby Tracker

pregnancy apps
Image: Pregnancy & Baby Baby Tracker

Because this application was created by ‘What to Expect When You Are Expecting,’ it gives you access to a lot of the content in the book without buying it. This app includes free videos about your body and your baby’s development. Many families will be comforted knowing that they are receiving information from a source that is so highly respected within the world of pregnancy and child-rearing. There are also forums and support groups.

While I did not use the Pregnancy & Baby Baby Tracker during my pregnancy, it appears to be very useful and has many tips that I will check out if I ever have the opportunity to have another child.

Want it? You can get it on Google Play and iTunes

As first time parents, you have more than enough to try to figure out over the next few months. Hopefully, this list of free apps will keep you super busy while waiting on baby.

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