Please Allow These Babies Dressed As ‘Future Brides’ To Haunt Your Weekend Dreams

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Oh boy, have I got a Saturday surprise for you! All you mothers of baby girls out there listen up: you’ve just gotta get your girl to All Seasons Photo in New London, Wisconson, STAT. I’m serious. How else will you be able to truly treasure your child unless you swathe her in a tacky bridal veil and make her uncomfortably pose for chilling photos where she portrays a ‘future bride’ in what appears to be either a future mail-order or forced-hand marriage, from the existing photos I’ve already seen.

According to All Seasons Facebook page, this is a good idea because:

“These little ones… will be married in 20-25 years…. why not capture a look into the future—- and a lifetime keepsake-“

Indeed. I mean, that’s all that really matters. This one is my personal favorite, mostly for the caption alone:

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 10.26.34 AM

“…wonder what her last name will be in the future?”

That is truly the most important thing a parent could consider when capturing a given moment in their young daughter’s life. I know when I changed my name after I got married, it was like all of my childhood dreams came true and flourished before my very eyes. (However I will admit this photo is way less creepy than the first one.)

But seriously, can we all agree this is creepy? That’s not to say I think little girls playing dress-up or dreaming of their ‘future wedding’ is necessarily entirely detrimental. It’s not. Most of us gals did just that. Sometimes. I just think the way this is advertised/presented, specifically via tiny babies, gives me the same kinda heebie-jeebies my cousin’s collection of porcelain clowns used to give me when I slept over her house as a kid.

(Photos: Facebook)