These New Valentine’s Day Oreos Are The Sweetest Holiday Treat

valentine's day cookies
Image: Nabisco

Finding a good gift for Valentine’s Day is hard. Because you want to be original, but the options are surprisingly lackluster. Buying the same card, flowers and chocolate combo is boring. So if you want to deviate from that, what can you do? Well, this year, maybe instead of chocolate, you try chocolate cookies? But don’t worry, you won’t have to bake anything. Cookie giant Oreo has your back. For Valentine’s Day 2019, they’re releasing the Love, Oreo cookie. Using the traditional chocolate wafer cookie, this will amp up your cookie game. Because few people will turn down delicious Oreo cookies.

Nabisco is really going all out with this cookie. Featuring a pink “sweet and tangy” filling, these are almost like conversation hearts. Except they’re on cookie wafers instead of sugar wafers. And they don’t taste like chalk. So more people will want to eat them. However, we do have questions about what exactly sweet and tangy means. According to PEOPLE staffers, they either taste like SweetTarts or Fruity Pebbles. Either way, they’re probably yummy. And if not, they’re pink. It’s Valentine’s Day, that’s half the battle honestly. Questionable flavor profiles aside, these are definitely going to be a hit in stores.

So, what makes them like conversation hearts? Well, they come with four different sayings. They’re on top of the cookie, so before you or your lover eats one, you’ll see a sweet message. Those messages include “Dunk in love,” (a clever play on the Beyonce

song) “Let’s Twist,” or “XOXO Oreo,” (likely not a play on Gossip Girl) plus others. And if that isn’t enough, wait until you see the package the cookies come in. Seriously, it’s the cutest. So, the container doubles as it’s own Valentine’s card. On the back, there are stickers that you can use to make things extra special.

You can go get these extra special Oreo cookies right now if you want. All major grocery retailers should be stocking the cookies, so keep an eye out. If you can’t find them, console yourself with the new Dark Chocolate Oreo perhaps. But if you really want them, you can order them online through Target Restock. Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.

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