Hot Topic Has Released A Polly Pocket Line, So There Goes Our Money

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Image: Hot Topic

Most of us would agree that it’s hard to believe the end of the 1990s is 20 years old. Feels like ten tops. Those of us growing up in the 90s have a special sense of nostalgia. And now that 90s stuff is cool again, even better. First, Disney releases a 90s capsule collection and now Hot Topic is getting into the game. But they’re not touching Disney. But if you’re a fan of Polly Pocket, this is for you. Hot Topic is releasing a whole new line of Polly Pocket merchandise. While they’re not selling actual toys, we get some cute pieces that are a little more grown up.

Before you ask, this collection celebrates the 30th anniversary of Polly Pocket. Yes, she is 30 and no, we don’t know where the time went. Feels like just yesterday we were carrying her around in our back pockets. But alas, we’re getting older. But more importantly, let’s talk about how cute this line is. Featuring 17 different things ranging from makeup to tee shirts, you have a solid list of options. And if you just want something for the nostalgia factor and not to use, we won’t tell. But if you grew up with Polly, then you need something.

Polly Pocket eye shadow palette

Image: Hot Topic

For those who are makeup people, there’s an eye shadow palette ($17) and a lipgloss palette. Both are vegan and cruelty free which is a plus. And they both come with applicators featuring Polly Pocket herself! So cute! The lip palette has four fairly neutral colors. The eyeshadow palette has ten colors and is a mix of matte and shimmer colors. Plus the shadow palette has a 3D version of Polly and her living room. But the coolest thing is that both palettes look like replicas of the old school Polly Pockets. While they’re not that small, the illusion stands.

Polly Pocket quilted bag

Image: Hot Topic

But if makeup isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There are several super cute bags ($40) that look just like the Polly Pocket toys. From a baby pink quilted one to a mini backpack, you can rock your style. And if you’re feeling it, there’s a pop-up brush! And that is something you can put in your pocket! But if none of that is for you, you can also get one of three different tee shirts ($25 – $27.) Or you can get cute little no show socks.

Polly Pocket logo tee

Image: Hot Topic

If you were a Polly Pocket girl, how exciting is this? We may not still have our old toys, but honestly these are way cuter and don’t pose a choking hazard.