This Is Not a Drill! Polly Pocket Is Returning to Stores June 2018!

Ohhhhhhh, my god. This might be the most excited I’ve been about a toy since I was a kid! Mattel has announced that Polly Pocket, the tiny compact toys we all knew and loved in the 90’s, is making a comeback! If you didn’t play with Polly and her friends when you were a kid, I don’t even want to know you. The little purses! And the makeup compacts, do you remember those? My god, I was Polly-obsessed. And now, I get to relive it all over again!

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Polly Pocket launched in 1989, and kids everywhere fell in love instantly. The tiny worlds inside those plastic cases gave us hours of entertainment. In 1998, Mattel bought Bluebird Toys, and completely fucked up the line of toys.

For some dumb reason, they made the compacts and dolls bigger, which totally defeated the ENTIRE purpose of Polly Pocket! It’s right there in the name: it’s supposed to be a world you can fit IN YOUR POCKET. I was devastated, especially because I didn’t have the foresight to actually save any of my original ones. So when they went away, I was crushed.

But now, they’re back! Mattel announced that they will be releasing a new line of Polly Pocket toys, in the original mini style.

polly pocket
Image: Polly Pocket

It’s a tiny world under the sea!! The company said the they have given the toys an update, like brighter colors and different scenes. But, they are tiny! So that’s all that matters. No more big Polly toys, please.

polly pocket
Image: Polly Pocket

Um, tiny gondola? I’m there. I’m really hoping they bring back the little makeup compacts, because those were my favorite. Or the earrings! Remember the earrings! We are all so fancy with our Polly handbags and plastic clip-on earrings.

The updated (but still tiny!) Polly Pocket toys hit shelves in June 2018. I’m so excited to get them for myself. Or my kids, whatever.

(Image: Facebook/Born in the 90s, Raised in the 2000s)

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