Election Day 2016 vs 2017, What a Year It’s Been!

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Election Day 2016 was a day of hope and then great despair for a lot of people. The year that followed didn’t get much better. Ok, let’s be honest, it got A LOT worse. We had another election this week, and while we didn’t get to pick a new president, some good stuff happened around the country. Ralph Northam was elected governor of Virginia. Also in Virginia, a huge win for the transgender community: Danica Roem defeated bigot and homophobe Bob Marshall. In a particularly delicious bit of irony, Marshall an original proponent of the anti-trans bathroom bill. While things started looking up on Tuesday, it’s been a helluva year for a whole lot of people. They took to Twitter to share their election day 2016 vs 2017 before and afters, and we’re laughing and crying along with them.

Me on election day 2016 vs 2017


Ripley has seen some shit. She’s faced the beast head-on and taken it down. We should all be more like Ripley.

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