Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Are Engaged, and Twitter Responded With the Funniest Memes

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Jon Snow and Ygritte the Wildling are the official One True Pairing of Game of Thrones. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie just got engaged in real life, and Twitter doesn’t know whether to be ecstatic or heartbroken.

Harington and Leslie were a couple on the show, and they started dating in real life in 2012. Leslie’s character Ygritte, was only around until 2014, unfortunately. Now she’s starring on The Good Fight, the spin-off of The Good Wife on CBS All Access. But while the Jon and Ygritte on-screen pairing is over, in real life it’s going great. They’ve announced their official engagement with an announcement in the Telegraph, and Harington is on his way to being the sexiest groom since the guy who paused mid-wedding to rescue a small child from a river.

They are a lovely couple, and many fans were overjoyed.

I think that GIF just got me pregnant.

Of course, some fans are heartbroken.

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