Danielle Bregoli Signs $900,000 Makeup Endorsement Deal

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Image: Instagram / bhadbhabie

Usually we look to celebrity news to distract us from the horrible real life news we’re bombarded with everyday. We like to look at pretty clothes and laugh at silly stars doing silly things! But there is a difference between celebrity news, and “celebrity” news. Celebrity news is following Chrissy Teigen‘s Twitter. It’s keeping up with the Kardashians. Marveling over royal wedding dresses. It’s fun! Then there is “celebrity” news. Catching on which reality TV star is filing for bankruptcy. Or which Teen Mom is pregnant again. Danielle Bregoli, better known as the Cash Me Ousside girl, is solidly “celebrity” news. And the latest about Bregoli is seriously depressing.

Danielle Bregoli shot to “fame” for being an absolute teen terror. It seems to have paid off – the rapper just signed a $900k makeup deal.

Bregoli, who performs under the name Bhad Bhabie, signed a six-month deal with beauty brand CopyCat Beauty. They will, inexplicably, pay her to promote their beauty and makeup products. In addition to the $900k she secured upfront, Bregoli will also get a cut of the sales from the products she promotes. If all goes well, the deal could be extended for three years, and there’s the possibility she’ll get her own product line. Watch out, Kylie!

Rather than turn into some kind of makeup guru, Bregoli will be incorporating the products into her social media and music videos. Like she’s doing above, provocatively putting on lip gloss. We suppose it’s no different than anyone else who does sponsored posts. She just happens to be making a lot more than most.

It’s definitely a step up for someone who got famous for being unapologetically terrible.

Bregoli has been stoking her career fires for a while, with record deals and albums releases. She recently signed on to be the new face of Snapchat, made a cool million on her 25-city tour, and one of her songs is even certified gold. So apparently, being bad really does pay off! Remember that the next time your teen threatens to stab you or skips school to smoke weed all day.