Vagina-Shaped Confetti Is a Thing and I Need 10 Bags Immediately

You ever see something and think, “I need that immediately”, even though you never even knew it existed? That is the emotion I’m currently processing now that I am aware of the existence of Clitter. What is Clitter, you ask? Well, short answer: it’s confetti. Longer answer: it’s confetti shaped like vaginas, boobs, and uteri. I’ve only donated to a Kickstarter once or twice, but I will sure as shit be sending $10 to this one.

Clitter is all about celebrating “pussy power.” And I am here for it.

Veronica Moonhill is the genius behind the female-centric confetti. She’s a self-professed lover of glitter, and is known to carry around a bag of the stuff in her purse. According to the Kickstarter campaign, Veronica got married about 6 months ago. And her friends threw her a wild little bachelorette soiree, as is the tradition.

But it was during the party that she came to a realization: they were surrounded by dicks. Penis straws, penis lollipops, and penis confetti. Says Veronica, “Why are a bunch of powerful ladies sitting around celebrating dicks? That’s insane! It’s time we started celebrating VAGINA’s!”

Hear, hear! And so, the idea for Clitter was born. No longer do women have to support the patriarchy with dick-shaped stuff. Now we can celebrate the bad-ass females we are with confetti shaped like vulvas, boobs, and that magical little organ, the uterus.

Image: Kickstarter/Clitter: Pussy Powered Confetti

If you’re wondering when the hell you would even USE Clitter, Veronica has your back. Use it at parties! Shower your strong female friends with it when they kick life in the balls! You can even decorate yourself with it, and honestly, why wouldn’t you?

Image: Kickstarter/Clitter: Pussy Powered Confetti

But my personal favorite suggested use: “Keep it in your pocket and Clitterbomb someone who looks like they need pussies thrown at them.” Can you … please just imagine that. I’m giddy at the thought.

There are plenty of vagina-shaped products on the market, but Veronica hopes people will fill the glitter void with Clitter. The best part is, for as little as $8, you can get a bag of vagina confetti and an awesome sticker. Less than a economy-sized box of tampons! That is $8 well-spent, my vagina-loving friends.

(Image: Kickstarter / Clitter: Pussy Powered Confetti)

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