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Move Over, RompHim, See-Through Lace Shorts Are the New Menswear Trend Making Twitter Scream

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Just a few weeks ago the Internet lost its mind over the invention of the RompHim, which is just a regular romper, but worn by men. “This is why we can’t have nice things,” the Internet groaned, back in those innocent, early-summer days when the idea of a man wearing a onesie seemed like the most shocking thing fashion could do. But fashion is an ever-changing art, and today’s shocker is tomorrow’s classic. So good-bye, RompHim drama, and say hello to these see-through lace shorts for men.

These brightly colored lace shorts were designed by LA fashion label Hologram City for a music video for rapper and songwriter Cazwell, and the video isn’t even out yet but already the colorful lace shorts are an Internet meme, and Twitter can’t handle it.

Twitter is freaking out about men in pink lace shorts, but they’ll probably get over it once something newer, flashier, or more threatening to gender norms comes along. It’s just a pair of shorts. Victoria Beckham put lace shorts in her Target collection, and women loved them. (Though Beckham’s shorts were lined so as not to be completely see-through, and they were also made of a softer lace, both of which would probably make her shorts more comfortable to wear than the men’s shorts on sale from Hologram City.)

True, it’s the rare man with the panache and aplomb to pull off a pair of lace shorts, but if a dude wants to try it, then I salute him. Respect the risk-takers!

The boldest among us can take this risk in a couple weeks once the first order of lace shorts and shirts ships, because while the shorts and shirts were made for the music video, that doesn’t mean those of us who aren’t in music videos can’t get our hands on them. Hologram City has them up for pre-order on its website. The shorts and shirts are both $49 apiece.

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(Image: Instagram / cazwellnyc)