Kate Middleton Probably Regrets Sharing Her Due Date With The World Now That She’s Overdue

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The second child of Prince William and Duchess Kate is officially overdue and the press is officially going to be annoying about it until the baby comes. So many of us have been where Kate Middleton is right now only instead of the press, it’s friends and family greeting us with “YOU’RE STILL PREGNANT!?” and us wanting to punch them in the throat. At this point, I’m sure Duchess Kate regrets that the due date was shared at all, as the questions and the hounding from the media will be on fleek until another royal infant comes into the world.

The news comes from US Weekly that Duchess Kate should have popped that baby out DAYS ago. What is she waiting for, doesn’t she know we’re all on pins and needles?!

The Duchess of Cambridge, 33, was scheduled to welcome the second royal baby on Thursday, April 23, but the day came and went with no sign of another little one in sight. Although a Kensington Palace aide has told Us, “We have never commented on or discussed a due date,” multiple other sources have confirmed the royal’s due date.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t released officially but it must have leaked somehow and now, Duchess Kate gets to deal with it. When she was expecting the adorable Prince George, I remember the palace being vague about the due date and the press camping out outside the hospital where she was to deliver for days not knowing when the baby would come. Now, there was a “deadline” and it’s passed. I can only imagine what the coming days will bring for the British press as everyone waits for her to go into labor.

Of course, many moms understand exactly how annoying this is but on a smaller scale. I saw a pregnant mom that I’m friends with at my kids’ soccer facility last week and she’s a few days overdue. I was careful not to say anything dumb but I could tell by her face that she’d had about enough shit already. You’re tired, you’re feeling heavy, miserable and uncomfortable. The last thing you need at that point is some dipshit going “Where’s the baby?!” Only with Duchess Kate, it’s TV, newspapers and the internet all asking at once and speculating on her every move. Her life is amazing in a million different ways but this is one thing no mom would envy her for.

Hopefully, we will have news of a new royal baby soon. Mostly, because I drool over things like this and cannot wait to see the little sprite. Wishing Duchess Kate the best of luck in the last days of her pregnancy and hoping she can ignore the chaos of the media to focus on her little one and her family.

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