A Dad Walked His Daughter to her Last Day of School and it’s So Sweet

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Walking your kid into school on the first day of Kindergarten is a rite of passage for every parent. It’s a big moment for the kids, but also for the parents, who are really sending their kids off on their first big step towards growing up. There probably aren’t too many parents who walk their kids in on their last day of school, though. But that’s exactly what one dad did when his daughter was ready to go to her last-ever day of school.

Texas dad Jason Gayler’s 18-year-old daughter, Brittany, was all set to finish high school last week. Gayler was looking through old photos when he came across this adorable gem of the two of them walking to school on Brittany’s first day of Kindergarten.

walking to kindergarten with her dad

Image: Twitter / @BrittanyGayler

Inspired by the photo, Jason decided to accompany Brittany to her last day of school, walking with her to school for the last time ever. Awwwww.

last day of school with dad

Image: Twitter / @BrittanyGayler

The dad told BuzzFeed that walking his daughter to school on her last day was hard. “I was holding back the tears. It was an emotional time.” Brittany also said the walk was bittersweet, but was very appreciative.  “I’ve always been so grateful that my parents have always been there for me,” she said. The duo also said they were both a bit embarrassed but, according to Jason, Brittany is “still a cool teen.”

Brittany tweeted out pictures of herself and her dad on her first and last days of school, and the tweet got a huge reaction.

so damn precious

Image: Twitter / @BrittanyGayler

Twitter was shook by the sweetness.


Image: Twitter / @eunicevidal086

so pure

Image: Twitter / @bumtre

They also couldn’t help but notice how well Jason Gayler has aged over the years.

Vampire Dad

Image: Twitter / @CamronSenegal

Brittany was totally stunned by how popular her tweet was.

“I was like, ‘Oh my lord, what is going on.’”

Brittany leaves home in two months for Tyler Junior College. No word yet on if Jason plans to walk her to her first class.

(Image: Twitter / @BrittanyGayler)