16 Times Meghan Markle Had A Real Hard Time With Royal Life

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Plus, there’s the drama, like the attacks from irrelevant cad Piers Morgan.

Image: Instagram/@eonlineasia

According to television personality and all-around prick Piers Morgan, he and Meghan Markle would quite close and chummy before she met and married Harry. We … can’t picture that, but OK, Piers! But Piers says that Meghan “ghosted” him as soon as she got with Harry, and he’s big mad about it. And obviously, because he’s Piers Morgan, he took their faux-feud to the media and complained about it. Piers says, “I was friendly with Meghan but she ghosted me. I am not impressed. There seems to be a pattern of her doing that to people, it’s a bit worrying. From my personal experience, she is someone I thought I was pretty matey with and ‘bang’, she met somebody more ­important and that was it, and told other members of her show who I was friendly with to stop talking to me.”

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