8 Stock Photo Sexy Santas That Will Confuse The Hell Out Of You

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Is Santa sexy? I’m going to go with, “no.” I am very confused about the Santa hat as a sexy accessory. Are these guys supposed to be super-fit, hairless Santas? Are these photo shoots just the result of very uninspired photographers attempting to marry hot men and holiday spirit? I don’t think we’ll ever know.

Whatever the motivation for these shots, one thing is for sure… THEY MAKE NO SENSE.

1. Huh?


(photo: tankist276/ Shutterstock)

Initially I was most confused by the fuzzy scarf and mittens, but now I really want to know what’s in his pants.

2. Um, what?


(photo: tankist276/ Shutterstock)

I’m thoroughly confused by this guy, but he’s just so happy. How can you not like this dude?

3. Why? 


(photo: Stefano Cavoretto/ Shutterstock)

What would make this shot sexier? I know! A Santa hat.

4. No words.


(photo: Vadim Ivanoff/ Shutterstock)

What’s your favorite part of this photo? Is it his sexy shrug, his bedazzled choker, or his Espadrilles?

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