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10 Stories From Chuck E. Cheese Employees That Will Make You Never Want To Go Back

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I will admit- I have not been to a Chuck E. Cheese since I was a kid. We have other options in our area for indoor children’s entertainment so I have thus far actively avoided The Rat, mostly due to the horror stories I hear from fellow parents about what a living nightmare it truly is. My kids see the commercials and beg to go- my son once said “Momma, can we go to Chuck E. Cheese? You know, where a kid can be a kid?” but even that adorable commercial brainwashing did not move me to action. I would rather pay for and install our very own skee ball set-up in our basement than sit through a few hours of Chuck E. Cheese shenanigans.

My feelings on this were confirmed by an amazing Reddit thread where current and former Chuck E. Cheese employees posted horror stories from their time working there. I hope you have a strong stomach because these stories from Chuck E. Cheese employees will make you never want to return.

1. All The Poop


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I guess it should come as no surprise that a place with a clientele primarily consisting of small children consuming soda, questionable pizza and tons of candy would involve a lot of poop. These employees should receive hazard pay.

2. Chuck E. Cheese’s Is A Den Of Iniquity


The pizza thing is positively disgusting but thinking of a room full of rat-headed teens getting it on makes me laugh so hard.

3. The Rat Might Be Tripping Balls


Ok, this is hilarious and might be a reason to go. Can you imagine a giant rat-man pelting little kids with candy? I can. And it’s amazing.

 4. The Giant Rat Is Nightmare Fuel


My son would lose his mind if he saw a seven foot tall rat coming at him. He had nightmares for weeks after seeing a few ants in his room. I can’t even imagine the therapy he would require.

5. Violence At Every Turn


Sure, bring your kid to Chuck E. Cheese. If you want him to be pushed down by a guy in a rat costume.

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