11 Famous Bad Moms Even Good Moms Will Relate To

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Our films and TV shows are full of mothers. Good, doting, saintly mothers as comfortable and nurturing as sofas, and narcissistic, self-involved bad moms who have wants and goals and leave everyone around them in horrible drama. The bad moms are usually much more interesting.

Here are 10 of the most famous bad moms out there.

1. Mama Rose

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Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you stop being the woman you used to be and wanting the things you wanted then. Mama Rose wanted to be famous.

2. The Witch from Into the Woods

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When the witch sings “Stay with Me” to Rapunzel, I realize she is singing to the daughter she abducted as a baby and has been keeping in a tower like a very slightly less effed-up version of Flowers in the Attic, but when she sings, “Who out there could love you more than I?” I bawl every time.

3. Joan Crawford

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I hate that “no wire hangers” is a punchline, because she was right, dammit! Wire hangers will ruin all your nice clothes. Whenever I tell my family, “No wire hangers!” they all just laugh and laugh. They think I am doing a Joan Crawford impression. If they do not stop using wire hangers, they are going to get a Joan Crawford impression.

4. Lucille Bluth

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Sure, she babies her youngest child a bit too much, but who can’t relate? Kids get so big so fast, of course you grab onto that last one and draw out the baby stage as long as possible. And once you discover something awesome like MotherBoy, how are you going to stop going to it? Just imagine all the mother-son costumes that would go unworn. It would be a tragedy.

5. Mallory Archer

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If Mallory Archer were a dude, she’d be the cool, superspy dad kids boast about and want to be just like. And her son did grow up to follow in her footsteps, so I’m just saying, maybe Archer complains too much.

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