20 Interesting Facts About Prince Harry

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We’re counting down the days until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle become parents. Hasn’t this felt like the longest pregnancy EVER?! We’ve loved following along on their journey, even if it is from (very) afar. It’s been fun learning so much about Meghan, and learning more about Harry. Prince Harry has been in the public eye all his life, and many of us grew up with him. From his days as a red-headed tot on the palace green, to his rebellious teen years, and a stint in the military, we were there. We’ve watched Harry come into his own as a young royal, and it’s been such a wild ride. When he met and fell in love with Meghan, we celebrated because it feels like we’ve known him all our lives.

But really, how much can you know about someone you don’t even know? We often feel a kinship with celebs, even if we’ve never met them. There are some life experiences that transcend oceans and royal titles. But the royal family is famously tight-lipped about a lot of stuff. So even though we watched Harry grow up, some facts about him are still a mystery! As we prepare to watch Prince Harry become a dad, here are some interesting facts about our favorite royal dude (sorry, William!).

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