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Quick! Someone Get Me Pregnant So I Can Buy One Of These! This May Be The Best Baby Gift Ever!

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Mustachifier PromoUgh, I keep forgetting I don’t have a uterus, so no baby for me, but this will be the gift I buy for all the people I know who have babies! I was perusing some of the offerings of the 2013 Toy Fair held recently in New York and although the plush testicles are another adorable option, and I so want the plush Breaking Bad dolls, the Mustachifier is hilarious and reasonable and would make an awesome new baby gift.

It comes in “The Gentleman,” “The Cowboy,” and “The Ladies Man” and all cost around $10. The company that makes these also sells really cute gummy bear lamps. Other offerings shown at the Toy Fair include bags that you can wash stuffed animals in (yawn) and stuffed numbers with faces on them, which I suppose are good for the tiny math fan in your life. Or your cousin who is an accountant. Or something. Who cares? I just want to see newborn babies in mustaches!

According to the website for Toy Fair, other toys that will be hot this year are toys based on pop culture reality shows. This doesn’t mean that there will be a game based on Snooki and the rest of the cast of The Jersey Shore, but that there will be toys based on the idea of competition in the fields of cooking, fashion and performance. So, American Idol microphones? And also:

24/7 PLAY
Compact, portable toys fit into lives that are busy and tightly scheduled, allowing kids to enjoy more “free” play time – in the car on daily errands, at the dentist’s office, during recess, at family functions, etc. There are also an increasing number of multi-function toys that appeal to practical, value-conscious parents.

And that bums me out because we over-schedule our kids so much that their playtime has to take place in the backseat of a car between trips to the drycleaners. But in the meantime, at least we can have hipster mustache babies!