Duchess Meghan Markle Mom-Shamed For Holding Baby Archie Wrong

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Seems like even being an American who steals the heart of a dashing British prince can’t protect one from the haters that come out in epic force when they’re feeling all judgy-judgy. Well, actually, we guess that’s precisely why the haters come out–jealousy like you read about over Meghan Markle’s fairy-tale romance and life as the new Duchess of Sussex, wife to the adorable Prince Harry and mother of just about the sweetest little cherub we’ve seen in a while. What’s the latest thing trolls are fuming about, you ask? Considering the Duchess and little baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, who is now 2-months-old, have barely been out and about, the sharks have been hungry, and got on her case about how she’s holding her sweet new babe. Yes, you’ve read that right. Apparently, the mom-shaming patrol is out in full force, and couldn’t wait to sink their claws into Markle’s parenting, based all on a few pictures of the Duchess holding Archie and not–gasp–covering him with a hat.

A Royal Ruckus Over Holding A Baby

The pictures were taken while Markle joined her sister-in-law, Princess Kate and her children as they watched their husband brothers compete against each other in a charity polo match. In an Instagram post by The Today Show, comment after comment was made about how the royal baby looked unsupported and how Markle didn’t seem to be the least bit maternal when holding her little.

Twitter trolls tore her a new one, accusing the 37-year-old first time mom of ‘holding her baby for the first time, after getting permission from the nannies,’ and even commented about the dress she was wearing, calling it a ‘potato sack.’

Doctors Weighed In On Markle’s Parenting

Dr. Jen Trachtenberg is a pediatrician and the author and creator of ‘Pediatrician in your Pocket.’ In an interview with TODAY Parents, she said that there is no right way to hold a baby and as long as the baby is secure, he’s good. Dr. Trachtenberg said the baby looked like he was being held tightly enough, was not crying and certainly didn’t appear to be unhappy or uncomfortable.

Dr. David L. Hill is also a pediatrician and the author of ‘Parenting Like A Pro.’ He said that at Archie’s age, babies typically have enough head control that one doesn’t have to constantly cradle the head as Markle’s haters were screaming she should be.

So there, haters.

Poor Markle seems like she just can’t win, as her no one was giving her sister-in-law Kate any fluff over holding Prince Louis in some sort of half- Heimlich/half-crotch grab hold, now were there?No wonder Prince Harry and Markle have been so private about appearances and releasing pictures. This hate, trollers, is why we simply can’t have more nice pictures of our beloved royals.

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