Donald Trump Wants Female Staffers to ‘Dress Like Women,’ and the Internet’s Response is Perfect

For someone who wears the most ill-fitting suits on the planet and who has Scotch tape holding his ties together, President Donald Trump cares a whole lot about what the people around him wear. Of course a guy who seems to focus so much on people’s looks would care deeply about the styles of the people around him, but this week Axios reported that Trump had issued a dress code for his employees that exhorted female staffers to “dress like women,” and the Internet’s response has been perfect.

According to Axios, an unnamed Trump staffer said that Trump takes an active interest in the dress of the people around him. He reportedly wants male staff members to always wear ties–especially traditional style ties that are a little bit wide, preferably from Trump’s own brand–and that women should “dress like women.”


What does “dress like a woman” mean? Can I dress like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or do I have to be Donna Reed? What does he think of pantsuits? Well, as any reasonable human being knows, there are a lot of different ways to “dress like a woman,” and ┬áthe women of the world have been posting photos to show the president what “dressing like a woman” looks like.

Here’s Patricia Stephens Due, being a hero and fighting oppression in 1963:



Here’s Dr. Rebecca Alleyne, MD, saving lives:



And Senator Tammy Duckworth, veteran and hero, in her woman clothes:



Here’s Tara Wildes and her son:



And Victoria, who is dressed perfectly for the job she is doing and is certainly no less a woman for not wearing heels and a tasteful sheath dress:



And here’s Judi Melinek, M.D., who is cutting through someone’s rib bones with tree-limb loppers while wearing a single strand of pearls:



Dr. Melinek later explained that she’d put the pearls on for a interview and forgotten that she was wearing them when she went back to her ribcage-opening work, but she did assure everyone that she cleaned them afterwards. It does make for a great picture, though. Now I would genuinely like to read a novel about Dr. Judy Melinek, M.D., author of Working Stiff and forensic pathologist who wears pearls while performing autopsies. Especially since her Twitter mentions quickly turned into an intense discussion of what on Earth she was doing with those giant bolt cutters. She says they’re loppers designed for cutting branches off trees, but she uses them to cut through ribs to get into a cadaver’s chest cavity, and a bunch of garden experts got really excited to see that she uses the same brand of loppers that they use. Forensic pathology is fascinating. (Also any writers out there might get good use out of this Q&A, which explains lots of medical examiner and autopsy info for writers of various media and genres, which I only mention because I know we have a lot of writers around here and it seems like the sort of resource that might be useful.)

The entire #DressLikeAWoman hashtag is worth scrolling through, because it is full of women wearing clothes and doing interesting things. There are female police officers, scientists, snake-catchers, astronauts, politicians, and women in every branch of the military. There’s no right or wrong way to dress like a woman. Wear scrubs. Wear patterned leggings. Wear a uniform. Wear a tasteful sheath dress. Wear a ballgown and a tiara. Because there’s one surefire way to “dress like a woman”:



And that’s really all there is to it.

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